Decolonization in the Anthropology Classroom: Experiments in Praxis-based Pedagogy by a First Year Teacher for First Year Students

The decolonization of the field of anthropology is an essential step to reverse lingering trends rooted in the domination, oppression, and marginalizing ideologies of European colonialism. In this paper, I argue that efforts to decolonize anthropology start in the classroom. To support this claim, I summarize the experimental pedagogical methods rooted in decolonizing praxis that I have employed during my first year teaching. Further, I analyze student feedback to determine the most pressing obstacles and motivation factors that pupils exhibit in response to contextual, multi-textual, praxis-based teaching of decolonizing anthropology.

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3:50pm to 4:55pm
Maplewood A

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25 minute presentation

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Teaching and Learning Presentations