The Novice Traveler and Experience Sojourner: How Adjunct Instructors in a Non-Composition Class Can Help Basic Writers Gains the Skill, Desire and Confidence to Take That Journey Called “College Writing"

St. Augustine observed “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Novice travelers are, however, often anxious. Like travel, that opens the world’s book, writing is a passport that unlocks vocations and avocations. Many Millennials, however, struggle with writing. They are often assigned “Basic Writing”; a class they greet with anxiety or hate or resentment, or all of them.  Adjunct writing professors are the experienced travel agent for that fearful traveler-to-be. Basic writing should be taught by adjuncts not because they have experience teaching grammar, syntax, and composition process. Rather, delivering basic writing instruction from the mantel of real world experience, in the context of a substantive class, allows the fearful, struggling writer to gain the skill, desire, and confidence to take the journey - “college writing.”

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9:00am to 10:05am
Oakwood B

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25 minute presentation

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Teaching and Learning Presentations