Active Learning – Get With It

The traditional college lecture format has proven to have limited effectiveness with today's progressive, technology-driven students.  Evidence from a large array of research sources documents that, although the lecture technique may be an efficient method for covering course content, it may not be effective in promoting the higher levels of learning elaborated by Bloom in his Taxonomy. (Armstrong, 2015) Active learning strategies and techniques presented in the "Active Learning – Get With It Workshop" will first be discussed by four part-time faculty members who have expertise in engaging college students and promoting active learning instructional techniques.  Part Two of the workshop will provide the opportunity for the participants to experience hands-on activities in interactive groups.  They will forge through learning activities to compose, imagine, formulate, construct, develop, and accomplish their goal.  The participants will leave this workshop with a new appreciation for active learning and how to utilize active learning in their classroom. Student engagement using active learning strategies will be investigated to assist faculty to utilize these and similar techniques across the disciplines.



Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

10:00am to 10:55am
Maplewood B

Session Format

50 minute presentation

Session Track

Teaching and Learning