Adjuncts as the heralds of lifelong learning- Changing the Paradigm from Pedagogy to Heutagogy

Lifelong learning encompasses education during every stage of life; from pre-school to continuing adult education for older adults. The type of education can be formal, as in traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, to seminars, trade schools and e-learning platforms. Lifelong learning has been shown to increase employability, happiness, wellbeing and even health. All over the world, countries, townships and universities are committing resources to lifelong learning. Adjunct professors have a special opportunity to embody this drive of lifelong learning. Many adjuncts are working in the field while teaching thus being the models of practitioner-scholar where they can provide the practical applications of the knowledge imparted in the courses they teach. In addition, adjuncts are  in a position to also model the change from the typical pedagogy to a heutagogy that nurtures and supports a lifelong learner.

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10:00am to 10:55am
Oakwood B

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50 minute presentation

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Teaching and Learning