Engaging, Educating and Empowering First Year College Students to Excel in the Present and be Prepared for their Future in Academics and Beyond


Research indicates students in FYTS, experience a positive impact on transitioning to college, academic performance; persistence to continue onto their second year, and degree completion. However, students often express negative views about FYTS, expressing discontent about ‘taking a course not relevant to their major’ or receiving few credit hours. Therefore, FYTS Instructors are challenged to successfully express to students, the value of FYTS, emphasizing the benefits of developing and strengthening, academic performance, career skills, global awareness, and personal development. The goal of this session is to offer effective teaching strategies that prepare FYTS students for success in academics and beyond.

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

9:00am to 9:25am
Maplewood B

Session Format

25 minute presentation

Session Track

Teaching and Learning