Generic Aesthetics and Visual Culture

 How does the idea of a "generic aesthetics" recalibrate one's relation to visual culture?  How can an open-ended, non-categorically- limited way of thinking drastically change our relationship to both the creative act and its reception? The French "Non -Philosopher" Francois Laruelle has stated " [T]he generic is capable of supporting a multiplicity of heterogeneous acts or predicates, among other things the thoughts of science and philosophy: the generic is endowed with extension but without totality or singularity, thus under-determined, non-absolute” ( from The Generic Orientation of Non-Standard Aesthetics). In my presentation I will offer first some historical examples of generic aesthetics in art and design examples, then some contemporary examples of the deployment of generic aesthetics in visual culture and finally some suggestions for the possible application of such in a pedagogic approach, specifically to first year, foundations curriculum.

Session Speaker(s)

  • Parsons School of Design / The New School, NY,NY.

Session Time and Location

9:30am to 9:55am
Oakwood A

Session Format

25 minute presentation

Session Track

Disciplinary Research and Creative Activity