Healthy Marriages Makes Business Sense - A New Approach To Health & Wellness Programming

Basic skills developed during marriage enrichment training can also be applied within work settings.  Promoting role and job resources leads to work and family enrichment that influences positive outcomes at home and at work (Hakanen, Peeters, & Perhonoemi, 2011). According to Greenhaus and Powell (2006), the work-family enrichment experience in one role can improve the quality of life in the family-work role.  Effective communication, conflict management, stress management, and emotional intelligence are universal skills that provide benefits to marriage enrichment training participants and employers.  Common workplace skills outlined in the study are helpful when employees take ownership in learning job-readiness competencies and have the emotional intelligence to use them at home and work. Each workplace skill is vital to the health of the organization and the employee (Finegold & Notabartolo, 2010).  Health and wellness programming has become more diverse to meet the needs of a changing workforce.  Marriage enrichment training is a useful way to gain loyalty while meeting the relationship needs of the workforce.  This session provides new insight on optimizing organizational resources such and marriage enrichment training to build a stable and productive work environment to create business alignment that gets results.

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

3:30pm to 3:55pm
Oakwood B

Session Format

25 minute presentation

Session Track

Disciplinary Research and Creative Activity