Managing Team Projects in Undergraduate Courses

Team projects and team work are integral parts of many courses in the Software Engineering program. On this interactive presentation, we will discuss different approaches to project team formation, project execution, project management, project and team member evaluation, and the challenges in these activities. The challenges range from forming teams, to assigning roles, carrying out project tasks, monitoring the progress, and evaluating the project and team members. One may form the teams by either assigning members at random, allowing students to from their own teams, identifying members by their prior experiences, etc. During the project execution, some members may drop the course, decrease their contribution or completely stop working with other team members, which could jeopardize successful completion of the project. This presentation will cover the pros and cons behind different project formation, execution and management styles, and will engage the audience in identifying and discussing their respective challenges. The individuals who teach project-oriented courses benefit from this presentation.

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

9:00am to 9:25am
Maplewood A

Session Format

25 minute presentation

Session Track

Teaching and Learning