Architecture and Robotics

My session will present my research and teaching in dynamic environments. First I will present students works at my studio at Kennesaw State University. My studio focused on the development of reconfigurable environments that enhance occupants' social and physical experiences of the architectural space. The studio addressed questions on how transformable spaces can improve our wellbeing and how the inhabitants of a space prefer to interact with transformable structures. In particular, the studio discussed "cyber-physical" computing, its social values, usability, and the technical aspects of developing reconfigurable structures. 
I will then demonstrate in-depth about the reconfigurable wall system which is a malleable structure design to "shape-shift" itself based on occupants needs. The results of this work will be presented at the upcoming Human Computer conference.

Session Speaker(s)

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1:00pm to 1:30pm
Maplewood B

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Disciplinary Research and Creative Activity