Contingent Faculty Role in a Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Learning Community

The current climate of higher education is such that there are two major aspects shifting the landscape. One, most new faculty go through no formal (or even a minimally rigourous) on-boarding process. Two, many teachers of first year classes are contingent faculty. This leaves faculty in a bewildering position of feeling isolated from a larger community and also unprepared to tackle the specific challenges of teaching at an institute of higher education. Faculty Learning Communities seek to become a space where faculty can talk informally about classroom practice. In our experience, our Learning in the First Year FLC has become a space where many new and seasoned faculty can work out pedagogical issues together with a more robust toolbox than that of any single educator. Our specific Learning in the First Year FLC consistently researches and discusses possibilities to enhance metacognitive practices throughout students’ first year. Many of us have refined our classroom practices based on data we collected as an FLC, discussions we’ve had in our monthly meetings over the past two years, and with guidance from other groups. Our panel will step through the specific changes to our classroom practices which might be helpful to a professor in any discipline. 

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

3:20pm to 3:50pm
Oakwood B

Session Format

30 minute presentation

Session Track

Leadership and Administration