Division Part-Time Faculty Coordinators: Creating Community and Improving Communication for Part-Time, Adjunct, and Contingent Educators

Jennifer Strickland of Mesa Community College detailed “The 5 Forms of Support Your Adjunct Faculty Need” in Caleb Tegtmeier’s Academic Impressions article: 1) orientation, 2) belonging, 3) needs-based training, 4) professional development, and 5) recognition. Participants of this interactive session will become the presentation as they rotate through these five elements and record what their campus leaders currently do or could do to address them. As responses are explored, Shannon Blair, full-time English instructor and Part-Time Faculty Coordinator for her division, will share what has been effective at Central Piedmont Community College to attend to these areas.

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

10:20am to 10:50am
Oakwood B

Session Track

Leadership and Administration