Global Warming Awareness through Curriculum Immersion

We are entering a phase of humankind where our stewardship of Earth is at a critical juncture.  Everyone is aware of global warming and many feel there is nothing they can do individually.  However, the premise is to pull from many disciplines, not just science to maximize the problem solving success.   This is a global undertaking with political, economic, social and scientific components to the solution.   Kennesaw can begin to weave this awareness in entry level classes of all disciplines.   Economics becomes a part of the solution to provide money and carbon credits as the motivation;  political science shapes the policy to enable recalcitrant administrations an incentive to become involved, social sciences can weave the emotional and community involvement of future generations.     Breakthroughs in science are another aspect to the solution space, with lower carbon emission fuels, hydrogen fueled cars and advanced hydrogen storage, involving engineering, both aerospace and automotive, and electrical and solar engineering.  Each field is involved, but there exists little communication between the subjects at the collegiate level, where our future generations will weave the fabric of social, scientific, economic, and political advancement necessary to have the global impact required by the end of this century.   E pluribus unum: out of many, one.

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10:20am to 10:50am
Maplewood B

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Teaching and Learning