Integrating Faculty Development and Research through a Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Learning Community

This session is facilitated by a part-time faculty member of a cross-disciplinary, Faculty Learning Community(FLC) focused on the Transfer of Learning within an institution of art and design. The FLC met for two years to explore teaching for the transfer of learning, both horizontally and vertically, across the disciplines of art, design, architecture, humanities and sciences. During the first year, the FLC generated new knowledge in the form of common definitions, ways of seeing, and ways of analyzing teaching for the transfer of learning across disciplines. In the second year, the FLC sponsored a series of small, cross-disciplinary faculty-led sessions to explore the potential for the transfer of learning across the four-year trajectory of several MFA programs. A key feature of the FLC, and the outreach  sessions it sponsored, was the integration of part- and full-time faculty from across the disciplines. The sessions provided valuable professional development for faculty participants and simultaneously enabled members of the FLC to gather data on the transfer of learning. The FLC members are currently analyzing the data as part of their research on how faculty support the transfer of learning within and beyond the degree programs.  The session will include a visual analysis of the transfer of learning through the lens of student work, a description of the organization and dynamics of the faculty-led transfer sessions, and a brief transfer session exercise.

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

1:40pm to 2:10pm
Oakwood B