It Really is Greek to Me! Adamantios Koraes and the Unrecognized Efforts of a Hellenic Expatriate Intellectual

The subject is based on my dissertation research on an expatriate of the Ottoman Empire’s province of Greece. Adamantios Koraes is a figure in 18th and 19th century Greek history, especially that of the drive for Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire. Koraes is a little known figure in Western European or World history but contributed a many areas to advance the cause of the Greek War for Independence. He was a close correspondent of Thomas Jefferson and sought U.S. assistance for the liberation of the Greek Provinces that were under Ottoman rule (and remained so until as recently as the early 20th century).


Additionally, Adamantios Koraes was an intellectual instrumental in introducing Enlightenment ideas into the Greek provinces, as well as, the Balkan region, developed a language form known as the Katharevousa into the Greek community, secretly translated and distributed many of the classics from Ancient Greek and Latin into the Katharevousa form, and contributed in many other areas.

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