Teaching Traditional College Students Professional Marketing Via LinkedIn

In this literature review, we explore traditional college student’s perception and the proper usage of LinkedIn to market themselves for professional growth which can lead to their desired employment. College students are equally divided with their knowledge and usage of the tool. Less than 50 percent of traditional college students are aware of LinkedIn as a professional business-oriented social media tool. Furthermore, many students fail to realize the difference and vast professional usefulness of the social platform in almost all disciplines of business globally. For college students and their potential professional contacts, LinkedIn has mass appeal with over 21 million U.S. visitors and over 47 million global users accessing the tool monthly. Proper LinkedIn’s utilization results in a waterfall effect positively affecting both academic and professional networking growth with little, but consistent effort. We discuss the prevalence of and motivation for proper LinkedIn use. Additionally, we review how LinkedIn affects traditional college students as they strive to create a professional image and ultimately make networking efforts to gain professional employment. Moreover, we include in our discussion the impact of classroom instruction use on student-teacher LinkedIn assignments. Potential solutions to guide students and faculty toward more and early appropriate use of LinkedIn in the classroom and development of a more professionally prepared and marketed student. 

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3:20pm to 3:50pm
Maplewood A

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Teaching and Learning