Transitioning students from being At Risk to At Potential

Dr. Erica Pooler, author of several titles for At-Risk youth connects academic achievement and relationships both social and emotional. They are all interrelated and must take place to reach students who struggle emotionally and academically. Dr. Pooler's Research in "The Cards of Life, when all hope is gone; trust then believe" forces educators to view students differently, by giving them the tools to be successful and holding them accountable. The notion that we can’t teach students until we truly begin to know them and they begin to trust us is challenged. The fact that our actions have to align with our words and meaningful conversations and relationships must be established in the our educational facilities. At Risk or At Potential? Additionally, at the high school and university level there is a large portion that also plays sports which continues to cut their attention and attendance in the classroom. Every school and university across the nation have students that struggle, academically, socially or behaviorally. There are a variety of reasons as to why? Dr. Pooler will demonstrate several strategies to take your professors and academic coaches to identify students from being at risk to transforming them to being students with potential to include strategic planning to increase student achievement with “At Promise” Students. You will learn strategies to not accept failure and provide interventions. Develop strategies to get student buy in with their education. 

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10:20am to 10:50am
Oakwood A

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Leadership and Administration