Life’s Unfair Race: Viewing Access via Students’ Lens

Life’s Unfair Race:  Viewing Access via Students’ Lens

The more seasoned we become as instructors, the more propensity we have to not see the college classroom from a student’s perspective.  Our goal is to use that perspective as you interface with students who will potentially enter your college classroom.  Attendees will reflect on their former life as a college student while participating in a brief 8-question race activity.  In the race of life, we all (instructors and students alike) initially have the same starting position, but setbacks beyond our control ultimately removes access from our students.  This workshop will conclude with a group discussion on access and the following concepts:  back here vs. upfront, ethnicity, fair, head start, lead, learn, life, no excuse, non-recognition, opportunity, outperform, picture, prize, race, reality, run, stories, and win.  Specifically, how do these concepts influence our teaching environment? 



Session Speaker(s)

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10:20am to 10:50am
Room 464

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30 minute presentation

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Teaching and Learning (teaching_and_learning)