Perceptions of creative arts students to accelerators and barriers to creativity, innovation, and their relationship to adult learning theory and employability: a qualitative case study


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to gain insight upon the perception of Creative Arts students on creativity and innovation stimulators and barriers in higher learning situations, and, to observe and compare the results of fluency and flexibility with the 30-circle exercise to determine the degree of development for creativity and innovation behaviors compared to years of study and years of age.


 The population of interest for this study was the undergraduate enrolled students of American CA college(s) programs; specifically, four-year, bachelor of arts or science CA program(s). 


Qualitative data were collected through interviews and the review of 30 circle exercise results to gain insight into CA student knowledge and perceptions of creativity and innovation, and the relationship of those responses to Malcolm Knowles theory of adult learning, the student age and years of study

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