Scandalous Conduct: The 1926 Ship Bottom Coast Guard Courts Martial

What happens when a war hero prosecutor, a would-be spymaster, a fiercely political sheriff, and mythical band of pirates collide? In coastal Ocean County, New Jersey, midway through the Prohibition era, a quest to root out collusion between rum runners and local Coast Guardsmen was hijacked by a myriad of competing agendas and narratives. When the dust cleared, ten men were on their way to Portsmouth Naval Prison and another was dishonorably discharged. Nearly 100 years later, research into this mostly forgotten pocket of New Jersey history reveals a deeply flawed investigation leading to convictions that were hopelessly compromised and a story that is infinitely stranger than the one published in the newspapers of the day. Dr. Mary-Beth Brophy shares stories from her book-in-progress.


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9:40am to 10:10am
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Disciplinary Research and Creative Activity