Why Johnny and Jenny can’t write and how we can help them

How many of your student’s papers have you truly enjoyed reading lately?  Do the writing errors ever make your grading painful?  Do you ever wonder how students made it to your class when sentence fragments fill their papers?  A crucial, yet neglected, part of learning and instruction must undergo a revival.

In this session, I will share my current research on the writing crisis in the U.S. and why it matters.  Session participants will hear about the multiple reasons for and possible solutions to our nation’s writing crisis.  We will work either individually or in groups to craft a writing assignment designed to break through student blind spots to correct writing and, hopefully, help you see breakthroughs in student writing and learning.  Various options will be available for writing assignment design.  Participants will leave with a hard copy of current research on writing in the U.S. and a draft of a writing assignment.

Session Speaker(s)

Session Time and Location

1:40pm to 2:10pm
Room 464

Session Format

30 minute presentation

Session Track

Teaching and Learning (teaching_and_learning)