DC Bradburd
Part-time Assistant Professor of English
Kennesaw State University


Doug Bradburd holds an MFA in Creative Writing (UNO), An MA in Cross-Cultural Myth and Story (Vermont College/ Norwich University), an MS in English Education and a BA in English (Syracuse University). He is the recipient of NEH/CBE Study Grants for W.B. Yeats, Myth & Archetype in Western Literature, and Chaos Theory in the Arts, Math and Science. Publications include poems and articles in, among others, The Berkshire Review, Wild Things: Domestic and Otherwise, Under Construction: The Role of the Arts and Humanities in Postmodern Schooling, and English Journal. His career has been in English and Theater, teaching from Grade 7 to University.  He has completed Levels I, II and III and “Absolute Eye” Miksang training with senior teacher Miriam Hall and co-founder John McQuade. Mr. Bradburd’s primary website is at www.Inscribedlight.com.