Diana Honey has many interests including snow skiing, hiking, and running; music, the theater, movies, and ballet; but most recently has been confined to the rigors of research!
Diana Honey
Kennesaw State University

Diana Honey has been with Department of History and Philosophy at Kennesaw State University as a Part Time Faculty member since 2005 teaching both World and Modern US History. She has done undergraduate work in Psychology and Music, and has an MBA, both from the University of Miami. Diana Honey completed her Master's in Social Science Education in 2004 at Georgia State University and is currently working on her PhD in Modern World History with an emphasis on Greece, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Balkan Region, aslo at GSU. Her dissertation combines elements of World and U.S. history in that her subject was a close correspondent of Thomas Jefferson and sought U.S. assistance for the liberation of the Greek provinces that were under Ottoman rule as recently as the early 20th century. Additionally, her dissertation subject, Adamantios Koraes, was an intellectual instrumental in introducing Enlightenment ideas into the Greek provinces, as well as the Balkan Region, developed a language form known as the Katharevousa into the Greek community, secretly translated and distributed many of the classics from Ancient Greek and Latin into the Katharevousa form, and contributed in many other areas. 

Additionally, Diana Honey has taught Greek at Georgia State University and is involved in several areas of Greek/Hellenic academic and community life.