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Erica Pooler
Professor / Author / Motivational Speaker
Kennesaw State University

Dr. Erica Pooler, Professor at Kennesaw State University in Leadership and Integrative Studies, Global consultant for principal, leadership, and teacher coaching. Dr. Pooler is a national expert in working with at-risk youth and infusing high expectations with inclusion and diversity awareness and implementation. She is an established author, professional speaker and sought after consultant for her work with universities, districts, and judicial departments who serve students labeled as ESE and AT RISK. These labels include (Kids on probation, intensive probation, house arrest, alternatively assigned, expelled, teenage parents, homeless and students being tried as adults in the correctional facilities).

These young adults have many things in common; most with the weight of the world on their shoulders, lacking the necessary skills to be successful or the foundation to begin to restore their poor decisions and redirect their lives on the right path. Dr. Pooler's strategies and research is internationally used in turn around schools. Her books and research, has made a significant impact on positive changes that has reframed structure, leadership and relationships amongst administrators, teachers, parents and most importantly the students.

Dr. Pooler will help you to change the lense in which you view students who are at risk and equip you with the tools to help them find the keys to unlock their greatest potential. You will learn strategies and support systems that will benefit any organization that supports youth who may be described as difficult to reach, defiant, unmotivated and/or low academic functioning strive for better outcomes.

The topic to assist administrators in creating a healthy, caring, safe and intellectually empowering educational environment.

My educational background includes Bachelor’s Degree in Varying Exceptionalities, Master’s in TESOL, Specialist in Educational Leadership and Doctorate in Organizational Management. I have over 19 year’s experience in education and a proven track record of success.Proven to inspire and captivate your audience with the keys to find hidden potential and determination to press forward and never quit.