Jennifer Wilkes
Adjunct Instructor
Fortis College - Smyrna
Jennifer Wilkes is the CEO of COLD Consulting, LLC.  She is a 2x Best-Selling author, communication coach, and college instructor.  She has been featured on national radio programs, blogs, and Georgia magazines for her powerful methods that transform students and artists.  Jennifer presents unique communication and leadership methods that have proven to enhance student morale, self-discipline and self-awareness, increase student retention, and improve student leadership and career development for high school, college, and Job Corps institutions.  Because of her direct, yet refreshing and nurturing approach, Jennifer has been endeared by her clients as "The COLD Coach."  She is committed to unveiling the power and potential of students' ability to achieve positive success in their endeavors.  She has worked directly with independent artists, students at the Miami and Bamberg Job Corps, Upward Bound programs, and non-profit organizations.  Jennifer also serves as the Director of Communication and Leadership of Bridge Da Gap, a 501(c) non-profit.   Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies, a Certificate in International Media (Italy), and Master Certificates in Leadership and Communication Management. She has diverse experience in various fields of communication including radio as an on-air talent, print and broadcast journalism, public and community relations for SC State Senator Gerald Malloy, corporate communications, and international media. Jennier is currently a doctoral candidate for her DBA with a specialties in Entrepreneurship and Business Management.