Kecia Jones
Kennesaw State University

Kecia Jones is an award-winning success coach, speaker and performing activist.  She is the founder of Millennial Movement, an empowerment agency for youth and young adults. Kecia is a former teacher in the public school system and a featured success coach. She received Master Coach certification with Inside Track, one of the world's leading companies on education innovation according to [Fast Company Magazine].  
As a student success coach, Kecia has spent over 10 years studying education and success methods for youth & young adults.  She graduated with her Master's degree in Integrated Global Communications from Kennesaw State University, and recently completed her first TED talk on Education Transformation.  In the summer of 2014, her graduate research took her to China to coach and establish the first International Student Success workshop, where American & Chinese students worked together to discuss changes in education. Kecia is a Part-Time Instructor at Kennesaw State University. As a Speaker, Kecia performs and provides information for seminars and conferences on several topics for such as : Artistic-Activism, Finding Your Voice, Millennials & Youth Leadership, Empowerment: How to Create Your World, and Coaching in the Classroom.