Educator + Design + ART+ Research & Writing + E-learning + Motivation and Coaching
Lorraine Linkhauer, Ph.D.
Gwinnett Technical College

    Dr. Lorraine Linkhauer is an educator and design professional who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and works in areas of education, entrepreneurship, art, and research.  Since 2011, Dr. Linkhauer has worked as an adjunct professor teaching in on-ground, blended, and online learning higher education interior design programs and presently works for Gwinnett Technical College.  Additionally, Dr. Linkhauer also works within her field as a consultant and business owner on various design projects, speaking engagements, art installations, and independent exhibitions.  Continuous, high-quality interactions are what she strives for with her students, and, it is her ongoing goal to work to explore and develop new ways to enhance the creative arts learning experience.  Specifically, improvement with overall learning, development, and the future employability potential for the artistic learner are all areas that are part of her current studies and ongoing research.