Shannon Blair
Part-Time Faculty Coordinator & Full-Time English Faculty
Central Piedmont Community College

Shannon Blair began at Central Piedmont Community College as part-time English instructor. She eventually set a goal to become full-time faculty. This began a lonely and challenging journey to connect with division colleagues, grow in skill set, and engage at a deeper level institutionally. When a full-time position arose, she applied. Over ten years later, she answered her division’s call to action: proposals on how to best support its part-time population, which nearly triples its full-time. Shannon’s answer was to enable a veteran full-time instructor, formerly part-time, to execute researched best practices in the role of “Division Part-Time Faculty Coordinator”. With dean support and funding, the pilot began during the 2017-2018 academic year. The program has been so innovative and effective that campus administration not only renewed it but expanded it into a second coordinator for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division. Shannon feels privileged to do this exciting, important work of improving community and communication with one of CPCC’s most valuable assets: part-time faculty. She is eager to learn even more strategies from her peers at SPACE this summer.